Bill Gates validates the AI ​​and decompresses Web 3 and Metaverse again

Mon 16 Jan 2023 ▪ 10:00 ▪
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When asked about the relevance of web 3, AI and metaverse technologies, Bill Gates stated his preferences for artificial intelligence (AI). Indeed, in a previous statement, the tech mogul and former Microsoft CEO argued that cryptocurrencies are based on the “greatest fool theory”. Words that create controversy at a time when many consider these protocols to be the new revolutions after the Internet.

Bill Gates criticizes the web 3 and the Metavers praise artificial intelligence

Bill Gates: Artificial intelligence is the great game changer

In an interview on AM Reddit, tech mogul Bill Gates offered his take on the suitability of several emerging technologies under development. Thus, unlike cryptography or the metaverse, the software king has focused on artificial intelligence.

“AI is the big one. I don’t think Web 3 was that big or Metaverse alone was groundbreaking, but the AI ​​is pretty groundbreaking. », these are the words of Bill Gates about the revolutionary technologies going on today.

However, Bill Gates devotes most of his work to medical innovations such as medical care for pregnant women using ultrasound technology. Likewise, it intends to improve treatments for malnutrition and anemia.

Also, regarding generative AI, a branch of artificial intelligence that can create its own content, Bill Gates said:

“I am quite impressed with the improvement rate of these AIs. I think they will have a huge impact. »

Also, in February 2021, the billionaire warned users about their ways of investing in cryptocurrencies. However, he was less harsh on the metaverse, praising its merits during encounters in virtual 3D spaces.

Moreover, Satya Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft, is following in the footsteps of his predecessor. In fact, Microsoft would have committed an investment of $10 billion in Open AI. This is the company that owns the popular bot Chat GPT AI. Its valuation is nearly $29 billion. This decision, proven, will allow Microsoft to own 49% of the shares of Open AI, thus reflecting the interest that the software giant has in the AI ​​sector.


The Metavers, the Network 3 or even artificial intelligence are comparable to revolutionary new technologies on the same level as the Internet. Except that for Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft and tech mogul, artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be the most relevant and the most revolutionary. It also warns users about the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies.

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