Orange Financial is preparing to launch an innovative yield farming treasury for NFT holders

Orange Financial, a multi-chain yield farming treasury, is pleased to announce the public issue date of February 1, 2023. As the only NFT project to offer stablecoin rewards through yield farming to its holders, Orange Financial aims to revolutionize the world of agricultural and non-fungible token yields.

With its innovative approach, Orange Financial has engineered a series of DeFi asset and yield farming opportunities to deliver returns to its NFT holders. The Treasury manages all capitalization and funding operations on behalf of its holders and then returns returns via USDC, making it an affordable and safe choice for diversification without the need for intervention.

One of the key features of Orange Financial is that the money rewards users with stablecoins rather than using a native token. This allows holders to receive a tangible return instead of writing down volatile assets. The Treasury therefore participates in a wide range of yield farming opportunities in order to provide the best returns to its holders.

With no native token and no fixed interest rate, the cash payment schedule depends entirely on market conditions and is displayed transparently on a weekly basis.

In addition to its diversified decentralized financial treasury, Orange Financial is also based on the Polygon network and requires no staking or interaction from NFT holders after they have minted their tokens. All USDC rewards are deposited directly into each holder’s wallet, making it an easy way to participate in yield farming.

Orange Financial NFTs can be held in cold wallets without an internet connection, making them a secure and convenient way to receive stablecoin rewards. With a low entry cost and no minimum stake, Orange Financial allows NFT holders to diversify into a high entry cost yield farming pool and enjoy all the benefits of compounding, without the extra effort .

Don’t miss Orange Financial’s launch this February 1, 2023, so keep an eye out for news of Orange Financial’s progress as it strives to revolutionize the DeFi industry and provide opportunities for real returns to NFT holders.

About Orange Financial

Orange Financial was born from the desire to have a service in the web3 space that simply didn’t exist: an efficient, yet incredibly transparent treasury that features no native tokens and no fixed interest. Money that pays premiums to holders only when they are due and always in an asset that never loses value (the USDC).

As DeFi continues to grow, the entry price for some projects continues to rise. Orange Financial believes that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in decentralized finance. With a low cost of entry, Orange Financial NFT holders are therefore able to diversify into a number of high-cost-of-entry, high-yield agricultural projects and receive all the cumulative benefits without having to lift a finger.

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