The 5 novelties competing for the Fevad e-commerce trophies

On the occasion of the e-commerce trophies organized by Fevad, the Favor’i, the jury selected five novelties launched by major brands. The final standings will be announced on February 16th. For now, the competition concerns innovations from Sephora (LVMH group), La Nouvelle Cave (Casino group), Petit Bateau, Le Printemps and Carrefour. This is an opportunity for Fevad to disseminate some quantified results about these new experiments.

Personalized delivery by Sephora

Cosmetics brand Sephora is recognized for its delivery experience ‘The Ultimate Delivery Experience’ which launched in June 2022. This program aims to offer more delivery possibilities, more customization and more responsible delivery options.

Sephora uses inventory complementarity between its warehouses and store inventory

To deliver on its promises, the brand relies on the complementarity of stock between its warehouses and store stock. Sephora offers delivery for scheduled slots. Sephora also delivers ‘click and collect’ orders or 2 hour courier delivery. Finally, Sephora increased pick-up and collection locations via lockers or by implementing click and collect with click and collect order management applications in Europe and the Middle East.

Fevad points out that the experiment was successful. He cites double-digit e-commerce growth and a +10 point gain in checkout rate. From then on, the experience will be extended to Europe and the Middle East. Distribution has begun in Poland, Spain and Portugal.

Optimized rental of children’s clothes at Petit Bateau

The second selected innovation, the clothing brand Petit Bateau, markets children’s clothing boxes for hire as the durability of its children’s products is much longer than their useful life. The offer was launched on November 16, 2022. It concerns 600 children’s clothing references for hire, individually or in boxes. The customer can rent Night, Day, Waouh, Birth boxes for a budget between €52 and €89 per month. You can also personalize or compose your own box from a selection of items.

Washing machines and disinfectors have been installed on the Buchères de Petit Bateau site

The order is placed online and the items are delivered to the customer. Once they are no longer needed, the customer can send their clothes back for free. he is urged to return all his clothes at once for the positive impact on the planet and his wallet. Petit Bateau relies on the service of the startup Lizee (This rental solution is also used by Leroy Merlin). Logistics is handled internally at Petit Bateau via their Buchères platform, which has been adapted to this new business. The site has been transformed. Washing machines and disinfectors have been installed. Petit Bateau points out that the customer saves money compared to buying new. Don’t worry about clothes that get too small very quickly and save time thanks to the box service.

La Fevad indicates that the dedicated Petit Bateau site received 60,000 hits in 2 weeks at launch. Petit Bateau announces that by 2030 it wants to sell 30% of its products through second-hand or its rental service. It is expected to launch in Europe and Japan in 2024.

A virtual cellar and NFT at La Nouvelle Cave de Casino

There is another initiative selected for the Fevad trophies the new cellar of the Casino Group. It is a virtual cellar and NFT of Grands Crus Classés. La Nouvelle Cave is a Casino Group wine and spirits retailer. In April 2022, the brand launched a virtual cellar on its e-commerce to frame the sometimes difficult and intimidating experience of buying wines online, modeling it on the physical experience.

The customer can interact with the entire assortment in 3D and be guided by a virtual wine merchant

La Nouvelle Cave has developed a virtual store developed with the company Retail VR. The customer can interact with the entire assortment in 3D and be guided by a virtual wine merchant. Fevad believes the results of the experience are positive with +6% e-commerce revenues in September 2022, +15% traffic and 25% e-commerce traffic visiting the virtual store. Then, in September 2022, the brand uses NFT technology to secure the process of buying and selling fine wines.

La Nouvelle Cave is launching a collection of NFT Grands Crus Classés, associated with authentic bottles that have not yet reached their aging maturity. Customers can purchase the bottle and receive the NFT, waiting for the bottle to mature. The bottle can be kept in the reserves of the property until the NFT is “burned” and then consumed. Fevad indicates that 85% of the NFT collection has been sold.

Printemps offers its 3,000 brands the opportunity to go on TV

The fourth novelty concerns the live shopping “En Mode Printemps” in Le Printemps stores. Live shopping is supposed to make e-commerce more humane. The “En Mode Printemps” program is a live shopping program that was broadcast on TikTok in May 2022. It has surpassed 1.9 million impressions. “En Mode Printemps” is a live program broadcast every two weeks at 18:00 on, social network and then available for rerun. The show is hosted by “Personal Shoppers”.

Printemps offers this promotional and sales channel to the 3,000 brands it distributes

According to Fevad, the brand especially wants to attract young people looking for inspiration. Printemps offers this promotion and sales channel to the 3,000 brands distributed by the brand, which enriches its value proposition as a department store. Brands can co-build a sales episode. They can express themselves differently and, according to Fevad, double their visibility and increase their online sales by 40%. On the technical side, the chosen platform is that of Bambuser (A solution also used by LVMH and Christian Dior in particular).

Personal Shoppers also make individual appointments remotely or in-store. The appointments, offered with no minimum purchase, are taken on the Printemps website through a digital path developed with the Booxi start-up. Printemps has internalized almost all production skills. In October 2022, the brand opened a studio at Printemps Haussmann, visible to all customers. 31 episodes have been broadcast since June 2021. An episode of “En Mode Printemps” has around 300,000 views. The viewer engagement rate exceeds 40% during the episodes.

The most technologically impressive innovation with the autonomous vehicle

Finally, the most technologically complex and futuristic innovation is the autonomous vehicle delivery of Carrefour in the Saclay area, from December 5, 2022. The delivery vehicle travels without a driver, on public roads, with heavy traffic and under normal conditions. With this Drive Mobile, customers connect to the Carrefour site, select the “Drive Mobile” collection point, the collection slot, then place an order.

Customers collect their order from a locker using an opening code

The shuttle, equipped with lockers containing customer orders, departs from the loading point and parks at the collection point at set times. Customers collect their order in one or more associated lockers using an opening code. At the end of the delivery slot, the shuttle returns to its loading point.

Carrefour called on autonomous vehicle expertise from start-up Goggo Network. The vehicle was designed and manufactured by the Milla Group. Fevad indicates that an initial evaluation will come in the second quarter of 2023, in order to determine if the service will be rolled out in other areas.

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