2023 the golden age for Bitcoin – Cryptos promised a bright future according to Bernstein

crypto crystal ball – In the cryptographic universe, predictions and other premonitions on the cryptocurrency prices they are numerous. Sometimes realistic, or otherwise unfounded, many predict a bright future for Bitcoin and its ilk. This is the case with this recent analysis of Bernstein which explains that the year 2023 could be ” the golden age of cryptocurrencies ». Let’s have a breath of optimism.

400 billion revenue in the cryptocurrency market for 2033

While we thought bitcoins dead, the NFTs in pls and the metaverse in agony, it seems, Bernstein is, in fact, more positive. According to his recent analysis, institutional investors and traditional companies are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies.

This growing investor interest has resulted in aa increase in the total capitalization of assets, observed to a lesser extent during a bear market. However, Cryptocurrency Winter Chill Doesn’t Freeze Analyst Turning Cryptocurrency Market Income 400 billion dollars by 2033.

Even traditional companies have begun to explore the possible uses of the blockchain technologies underpinning cryptocurrencies. The craze, despite the crypto winter once again, is very present. The NFT and the metaverse are not dead the same way Bitcoin is doing well, despite what it might thinking about Bill Gates.“(…) the innovation in the scalability of the blockchain and the growth of applications in the segmentSt consumption of financial services and technology. »

This man is ready for 2033

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, new darlings of institutional investors

Thus, Bernstein, an investment consultancy, explains that this increase in investor interest in cryptocurrencies is encouraged by the establishment of ever more present regulation. Despite the various defeats of the year and other disappointments such as the FTX case, Bernstein then states that the cryptocurrencies would have passed the age of maturity : the golden age begins.

The report authors also confirm that this trend is expected to increase over time, with, in fact, a increase in total cryptocurrency market capitalization. Furthermore, the study predicts that cryptocurrencies could become a replace traditional goods such as stocks or bonds. Therefore, again according to Bernstein, companies and businesses should no longer make the choice of “Zero crypto” strategy..

An alternative source of return to traditional finance, entrepreneurial freedom or even looking to the future: cryptocurrencies they are a possible solution and considered by investors despite the economic context we are going through. This growing interest of institutions in blockchain technologies is not new. An investment subsidiary of Samsung even confirmed, last week, to open Bitcoin ETFs. Paradoxically, while cryptocurrencies inspire some and intrigue others, his enemies still exist. This is the case of Nouriel Roubini who thinks about cryptocurrencies “I’m the biggest scam in history.”

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will change the landscape of the economy, everyone agrees. For your part, do not delay too long and go register on AscendEX. Take advantage of the 10% reduction on trading fees (commercial link, see conditions on the site)

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