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Saturday 4 An event dedicated to the origins of French Raves will take place in February 2023.

Original collectibles sourced directly from the major players in the Rave movement in France will be exhibited at Le Sacré club in Paris. They are systematically accompanied by a digital version and an NFT certificate. Organized by the Boischaut auction house, the sale will also take place live on

This auction with a strong historical character brings together physical and digital collectibles from 3 precursors of Raves in France:

· Manuel CASANA — creator of Rave Age parties since 1989, like the famous raves of Fortress of Champigny or Armenian College. He is also the founder of the label Age record of raves

· Olivier DEGORCE — artist-photographer, who in particular published Plastic Dreams, Rave and Club scenes (1991-1999)released in 2018 by Headbangers Publishing (associated with the label Ed Banger Records)

· Michael MULLENDER — Audio and image reporter, co-organizer of evenings and After parties, he captured many Raves with his Sony Hi8 analog camera, unique and historical testimony of this era (see video excerpts, AQUATIC 06/29/91, Primo Rave authorized organized in France, with the participation of 2 to 3000 people, Lot No. 42).

For the first time, physical pieces of the heritage of the night and French electronic culture will be sold, systematically accompanied by a digital version for the metaverse and an NFT certificate. They are thus proposed in the sales catalogue :

· 12 original flyers and passes from the very first rave parties in France, organized by Manu CASANA and a flyer from a TheJAMs party, annotated by Bill Drumond and Jimmy Cauty and 1 new, original and cellophane-wrapped copy of the legendary album “What The Fuck’s Going On?” » since 1987, absolutely rare because it is banned as soon as it comes out

· pieces from the Rave Age Records label, such as the vinyl matrix of the first Maxi of the French house : Sexe de Discotique, Patrick Vidal and Christophe Monnier (Lot n°5), the TB-303 sequencer by Manu CASANA, used in particular for the production of Les Pills titles, but also Nova Nova and Juan Trip (Lot n°6 ) and a collection of 69 badges (pin’s) distributed during the raves, created and handcrafted by the organizers with large thumbtacks (Lot No. 16)

· 25 photographs by Olivier Degorcesome of which have already been published in his now cult book, Plastic Dreams – Rave and club scene (1991-1999). The Fine Art photos will be in a limited edition under dibond or in a non-limited edition

· 2 new videos from Michel Mullender a montage of which will be broadcast in situ, at the Sacré (see excerpts from the video AQUATIC 06/29/91 – First authorized Rave organized in France, with the participation of 2 to 3000 people, lot 42).

Access catalog on Interencheres

The digital part of a batch consists :

of a digital archivewhich depends on the nature of the lot: HD photograph, MP3 music or HD video, delivered to the buyer on a USB stick

of a NFT certificate registered in the Polygon blockchain will also allow the origin of Manu Casana, Olivier Degorce or Michel Mullender to be authenticated. This NFT certificate will be delivered in a dedicated wallet to the buyer, who will be provided with a document (paper wallet) enabling him to hold this NFT without any manipulation by the buyer.

One license agreement is embedded in the NFT certificate. Thanks to this contract, the buyer benefits from unique security: for example, if the NFT is lost or stolen, a new NFT certificate is issued and the lost certificate is recorded in a certificate database. all market value.

An exhibition of lots in the metaverse

The NFTs of each physical lot in this sale will be pre-exposed in the metaverse in a specially designed space by Moving around the virtual gallery, it is possible to view the description of each lot on display, like a sign in a museum – and access the auction on Interenchères directly from this metaverse:

To reach he shows her in the metaverse

Practical information on selling

Place of exhibition and sale on February 4, 2023 at the Le Sacré club, 142 rue Montmartre 75002 PARIS

· Exhibition from 12:00 to 14:30

· Start of the sale at 2.30pm at the Sacré and live on

An Acid House set by Discotique (Patrick Vidal and Christophe Monnier) exceptionally reunited will take place from 12:00 to 14:00, at the Sacré

Sales resources

Catalog of the sale on Interencheres:

· Sales page on the Boischaut website :

Show in the metaverse:

Detailed presentation of the actors of the Rave scene offered in this sale:–de-l-acid-house-aux-raves-francaises.html

· Discover the history of raves thanks to the flyers:

To obtain images of the sale, lots and descriptions, please contact Marc-Olivier BERNARD (How. : 06 20 10 00 56, email:

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