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The rise of Web3 is accompanied by the emergence of a new generation of agencies, capable of creating and supporting NFT and metaverse projects.

Native Web3


Renaissance logo on the Evian x Sara Shakeel decoration. © Renaissance

Founded by Adrien Ohanessian and Alexis Delamare-Deboutteville in April 2021, the Renaissance agency has benefited from investments by Sébastien Borget and The Sandbox, Bilal El Alamy, Guillaume Gibault, Founder Culture and Antoine de Tavernost.

“Able to manage all the technological bricks of an NFT campaign”, according to Adrien Ohanessian, Renaissance claims a “true Web3 culture” with the will to spread it while remaining “listening to the brand communities”. The agency is responsible for the NFT projects of Dom Perignon with Lady Gaga, of Booba, Evian with Sara Shakeel, NFT Factory, Tag Heuer in consultation with the BAYC, CloneX, World of Women and Cryptopunks collections, or even Renault for the GenR5 project .

The agency stands out for its creativity, as evidenced by the project with the musician Jacques, whose master of his track “You” was split into NFT, or that of the composite, interactive and musical map of the producer and DJ Agoria in collaboration with Ledger. Behind the scenes, Renaissance also plays an important role in the democratization of the sector in France, such as its presence among the founders of the NFT Factory Paris.


Created in March 2022, Doors offers “support and advice on four pillars: consultancy, marketing, technology and metaverse/gaming”, according to its co-founder Karen Jouve, who talks about developing “360-degree Web3 strategies, storytelling for choices technologies and platforms, including the business model”.

Present in France and internationally with clients such as Fimalac Entertainment, EDF and YSL Beauty, Doors is expected to reach around fifteen employees during this year, currently counting 8.

In September 2022, Doors Sport was launched, a Web3 agency dedicated to sport and e-sport created with the La Fourmi agency. With four people in its staff, it collaborates with L’Equipe and the Ballon d’Or, the national rugby and hand leagues or even the FFF.

Web3 creators

Born in 2021 under the name of A NFT Company, the agency changed its identity in early 2023 to become Web3 Makers: it claims a fashion-oriented identity. Beyond the simple creation of NFTs, it “develops global Web3 projects, storytelling, immersive worlds, with the ambition to weave a narrative faithful to the brands”, according to its founder Saber Naceur, who refuses to communicate on the agency’s clients because “once designed, projects belong to them”. However, works with Gucci, Balenciaga or the artist Yugal Odhrani are presented on the company’s website.

Made up of six collaborators, Web3 Makers is booming: it is also preparing for the change of identity, which will be presented shortly.

Rare cubes

Launched in 2020, as well as a blockchain firm since 2017, the Rarecubes studio is among the oldest on this list. An experience that allows him to present technological skills for development, 3D design and an offer of consultancy and training.

Partnering with LOSC for its NFT release celebrating coronation in Ligue 1 in 2021, Rarecubes have also collaborated with label Playtwo and artist Kalash, with SACEM for its first free NFT release, with Warner Music, at eSports team Vitality and football clubs, such as Real Betis. “What differentiates us from other agencies is our in-house creative component with our 2D/3D studio and our ability to support projects from start to finish,” says Simon Rames, co-founder of Rarecubes.

The studio can also count on a synergy with a subsidiary, Avatarz, a platform for the creation and management of dynamic and therefore scalable avatars. “Avatarz has an independent life but we send our clients there when it makes sense,” continues Simon Rames. Already made up of around ten employees, Rarecubes is set to grow “thanks to growing demand and new internally developed products”.

Wagmi Studio

Wagmi Studio, one and a half years old and made up of ten people, relies above all “on its technical expertise, specialized in Web3, which allows it to develop not only on EVM (compatible with Ethereum, such as Polygon, Optimism, BSC or Arbitrum, ed) but also on Tezos, for example,” confides its boss and co-founder Jean-Nicolas Hinard.

Wagmi Studio is positioned on “three bricks of support: training, consultancy and ideation as well as project execution”. Among his clients, Pernot Ricard, L’Oréal, Monoprix for its first NFT collection, Casino for loyalty cards, La Poste, the artist Sofiane Pamart and more recently PMU for the Stables project.

Finally, the agency makes use of “a solid network of partners, thanks to the knowledge of the entire ecosystem”.

In the metaverse

Well builders

Born on the ashes of a marketing agency expelled from Burma by the local army, Bem Builders creates “virtual experiences, whether on centralized platforms such as Fortnite, Roblox or Minecraft or decentralized ones, such as The Sandbox, Decentraland”, he tells us about his co- founder and director Neal Robert, also co-founder of NFT Factory Paris.

Acquisition of Club Leader Price experience in The Sandbox. © Bem

Agnostic, the agency accompanies brands from platform selection to final rendering, in relation to their needs and desired experience. Neal Robert speaks to us of “a desire to go beyond simple marketing” and cites in particular the agency’s commitment to reflecting on the codes, language and architecture of virtual worlds, made concrete by an Anti-Gravity Manifesto.

With 15 employees under its belt, Bem Builders aspires to grow further in 2023. Its clients include Orange, Carrefour, and Club Leader Price.

Cosmic shelter

Created in January 2022, the Web3 Cosmic Shelter consultancy and creation studio has the particularity of having one door in Paris and the other in Milan. Cosmic Shelter quickly seduced and gained visibility after its collaboration with the French label Egonlab and Crocs shoes.

Able to support brands across the full spectrum of Web3 – NFT and smart contract creation, strategy, communication – the company especially works on its trademarked concept of the microverse, “immersive worlds adapted to the DNA of brands,” says Raphaël Mayol , creative director.

Spotted by LVMH and behind the creation of the group’s virtual apartment presented at VivatechCosmic Shelter becomes part of the La maison des startups accelerator and carries out projects for Fendi, La Veuve Clicquot and McDonald’s.


Created in 2021 and already made up of 33 people, Exclusible distinguished itself last year by raising five million euros and acquiring the American studio specializing in the metaverse, Polycount.

While its boss Thibault Launay prides itself on offering “the most diverse offering,” with an NFT launch platform, the ability to create white-label metaverses, digital twins for real estate, or even an NFT CRM tool, the agency also works in synergy with some of its counterparts, for example with Braw Haus or Acid Rays.

Since its creation, Exclusible has positioned itself in the luxury sector: it has collaborated in particular with Alpine, Christofle, Christian Lacroix and Frédérique Constant.

Very Web3 advertising agencies

acid rays

Design creation studio founded in 2020 and winner of the Andam Fashion Award for innovation in 2021, Acid Rays does not hide its “aesthetic, luxury and fashion positioning”, underlined by its co-founder and creative director Mado Scott .

With real know-how in 3D and animation, with eight employees, the agency aims to “revolutionize the strategy of brands in Web3 in depth”. His clients include Adobe, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Vacheron Constantin and Hublot.

Associated with the Signvm studio, Acid Rays offers consultancy, strategy and project support.


Screenshot of the Hogan x Exclusive collaboration. © Brawhaus

Braw Haus was launched in New York in 2018, “at a time when digital art was still undervalued,” confides its co-founder and designer Justine Vilgrain, partner of Patricia Gloum, as for its artistic director. Convinced of the “value of this artistic medium”, they specialized in experimental advertising.

It has two divisions, including the art agency division. Ten artists are currently represented, and Braw Haus also has a catalog of 300 digital artists to curate. As a creative agency, Braw Haus “promotes collaborations between brands and artists” and claims its ability to “take a project from concept to creation,” says the co-founder of the NFT Factory.

With seven employees and an extensive network of service providers, Braw Haus has partnered with adidas, PSG, Nike, Jordan and on Kenzo’s NFTs or even Hogan and Amadeo in partnership with Exclusible.


Created by three partners in 2009, the Mnstr agency is far from being native to Web3 and makes no claim to it in any way. On the contrary, its artistic director Louis Bonichon insists on its agnostic nature: “We choose the best channel to respond to the brand’s problems. It can be a book, an augmented reality experience, a film”.

This other co-founder of NFT Factory also describes Mnstr as a “storytelling agency”. With Guerlain, the agency therefore chose Web3 at the time of the emergence of several NFT artists and when the brand was a partner of FIAC. The collaboration gave birth to Reaverse, an NFT jewelry collection sold to finance the naturalization of a garden created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This project, which “is part of the long term”, is regularly punctuated by activations, such as this visit to the garden in October 2022 by NFT holders.

Since then, Mnstr has continued to explore other advances in Web3 by fostering sustainability and collaboration with other ecosystem players, such as the Renaissance agency.

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