The excesses of influencers: the Blata couple in the crosshairs of a complaint for fraud organized by gangs

A collective denunciation that heralds a series of other actions. A group of Internet users who are victims of scams, the Influencer Victim Assistance (AVI) group, will file a complaint for fraud in an organized gang against X and against the influencer Marc Blata and his wife, Nadé, he announced on Monday. At stake: two cases relating to NFTs and online trading, which would have caused losses of several million euros.

The first case concerns “Animoon”, an NFT project strongly inspired by Pokémon (but which does not seem to be dubbed by Nintendo, the company that owns the brand), praised by the influencer Marc Blata, who has gone through reality TV and known for his love for the gossip in between.

With this scheme, the creators of these NFTs promised significant benefits to early investors, such as “$2,500 offered monthly for life, luxury clothing, trips to Japan, Pokémon card earnings,” reports the law firm. Pencil case.

More than 5 million euros in damages

But, five months after the sale of these non-fungible tokens, which would have brought together 5,000 investors, the founders of the project are unreachable. “Among the victims we have grouped together, we have a Canadian who lost almost 30,000 euros”, testifies the internet user iamnotyou, one of the members representing the collective, who wishes to remain anonymous to avoid threats. The total damages of the case are estimated to be over 6 million dollars, or more than 5.5 million euros.

The other case concerns trading, also promoted by Marc Blata via Instagram, Snapchat and Telegram, where he leads a group called “Blata Gang”. Through this, he encouraged his subscribers to register with online currency exchange platforms, promising earnings of 200 euros a day with an initial investment of 500 euros … the collective, which specifies that one member was even exempted from… 13,000 EUR.

VIDEO. “I invested 1,500 euros in Marc Blata’s copy trading and lost everything”

These tricks pass, according to the Ziegler law firm, through the FX Vantage platforms, or even Iron FX, already blocked in scam cases involving influencers Jazz and Laurent Correia, from the JLC family.

Dozens of plaintiffs

Complaints will be filed against X (in the Animoon case) and against Marc Blata and his wife Nadé, also an influencer (in the trading case). At least 80 complainants are involved in these two cases, according to the collective. Their number continues to rise. “Not a week goes by without new people approaching us,” iamnotyou slips. At the same time, the law firm in charge of these two complaints launched specific appeals to collect the complaints of other victims.

Born this summer after the emergence of the hashtag #blatarnaqueet and the “influencer” controversy popularized by rapper Booba, the collective promises to support the victims with the intervention of the lawyers who are part of the group. It aims, in the long run, to deal with other influencer files at the origin of the scams. “We are about to start a process to automate all procedures concerning all influencers and bring all victims together,” promises iamnotyou, of the collective.

Contacted, the influencer Marc Blata did not respond to the Parisian’s requests. The social network star, followed by more than 4 million subscribers, was still broadcasting videos last week in which sensational financial investments were advertised, a practice however denounced on several occasions by the Financial Markets Authority.

This time the influencer recommended the Wixor project, which would deal with “trading cryptocurrencies” in an automated way and would generate “millions of euros without doing absolutely nothing”, just thanks to a smartphone. To prove it, he has accompanied his ad with tracks showcasing his life of luxury and his high associations. “Cars are real, watches are real, houses are real,” she vowed, adding that these earnings would allow her subscribers to “get the daronne to safety.”

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