this game challenges speculators to collect monkey droppings… and it’s a success

The NFT market has been in turmoil since the launch of a Bored Apes Yacht Club-inspired game. Hoping to turn a profit, speculators fight to gain exclusive access to the game before it’s too late.

Bored Monkey Yacht Club is one of the most popular collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the market. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is made up of 10,000 monkey faces. Launched in early 2021, it has largely participated in the explosion of the NFT market, in particular thanks to the interest shown by several personalities, including Eminem.

To navigate the success of the collection, The Yuga laboratories, the start-up behind the project, has launched several initiatives aimed at expanding the ecosystem around its digital monkeys. The firm then issued its own cryptocurrency, the BeeCoinand revealed its metaverse, other side. In the cards there is also a film project, produced by the Coinbase exchange.

Despite the collapse of the NFT market, Yuga Labs has just launched an online game, Dookey Dash. In summary, this offers internet users to scour the sewers for magical monkey droppings. The more magical fragments you collect, the more points you earn. Mirroring the Otherside metaverse, the game continues to enrich the fictional world surrounding the collection’s NFTs.

A box on OpenSea

Not surprisingly, access to the game is limited to owners of an NFT from the Bored Apes Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club collections. Only owners of a digital monkey can get a sewer passage, an NFT made available from 19 January. Offers access to the game for a limited time until February 8th. Concretely, users need to connect their digital wallet to launch the game online. If the wallet does not contain a Sewer Pass, Dookey Dash will not launch.

Transaction volumes for sewer passages on OpenSea

Of course, some Sewer Pass holders have been quick to resell their unique NFT on the exchange. Shortly after the NFT was released, a plethora of exclusive accesses went on sale on OpenSea, the industry’s number one marketplace. There are over 22,000 sewer passages consulting the OpenSea search engine.

The price of access has increased significantly since its arrival on the Ethereum blockchain. As of this writing, access is offered at the base price of 1.88 ether, or about 2,800 euros. After a burst to the upside, the price stabilized over the weekend. Despite the limited duration of access, the volume of transactions exceeded 25,000 million euros in just a few days. Some investors have paid almost 10,000 euros to buy a Sewage Pass.

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The inevitable speculation

Investors don’t rush into NFTs for the love of games. By getting their hands on a login, they try to do it speculate on the price increase digital goods signed by Yuga Labs. Indeed, the holder of a Sewer Pass gets the right to issue a mysterious new NFT dated February 15th.

Depending on the scores recorded in the game, the player will receive a different NFT. The individual who achieves the best performance will be rewarded with an exclusive token. Speculators are hoping that this mysterious non-fungible token will increase in value over time. That’s why they are fighting for access to Dookey Dash. To increase their scores, players are encouraged to spend their ApeCoins on purchases performance enhancersand maximize their chances of winning.

Investors also expect NFTs generated on February 15 to feature prominently in the Otherside metaverse. Likewise, shards collected in the sewers will be useful in other online minigames, says Yuga Labs to attract players… and punters.

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