Victims of influencers file a complaint for fraud and breach of trust

A class action lawsuit has been filed by dozens of people who believe they have been defrauded by investing in financial products touted by famous influencers, including Dubai couple Marc and Nadé Blata, the plaintiffs’ lawyer announced on Monday.

Two collective complaints bringing together 88 joint complaints, in particular for ” scam “ And “Break of Trust” they were filed with the Paris prosecutor on Friday, lawyer Alexandre Dacos said at a press conference.

The sequel after the announcement

These complaints have been closed “against X” but above all they target the practices of the influencer couple Marc and Nadé Blata “and the network that allows them not to act alone”He explained.

Contacted by AFP, Marc and Nadé Blata did not respond immediately.

A targeted NFT and trading channel

These complaints follow the pair’s sale and promotion of two financial products, NFTs “Animation” and the commercial channel “Blatagang”in which thousands of their members have invested, without seeing the promised earnings, according to the lawyer.

For the former it is an NFT, then a virtual work of art and for the latter an encouraging Telegram channel “copy trading”through investment platforms that offer to imitate the purchases of professional traders in the hope of getting rich quick.

The sequel after the announcement

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According to Me Dacos, the total damage is estimated at 6.3 million euros, with “thousands of investors who lost from a few hundred to 100,000 euros” in these two projects.

According to their lawyer, from the firm Ziegler & Associés specializing in cryptocurrency scams, it would be a so-called scam. “carpet hit”. This common scam involves a developer luring, sometimes using influencer promotion, investors into a new cryptocurrency project and then withdrawing before the project is built, leaving investors with worthless currency.

The “passivity of the platforms” he underlined

Marc Blata, with more than 4 million subscribers on Instagram, and active in the promotion of these products, has gained notoriety on social networks with his “Crisp”presented as revelations about the world of reality TV, rap or football stars.

Influencers vs. the rest of the world ?

The procedure is ” a first “ according to the AVI Collective (aid to victims of influencers) which started it, and which brings together several alleged victims of the Blata couple and which indicates in a press release that it wants “Warning the public about the dangers of promoting certain unscrupulous ‘stars'” And “underlining the passivity of platforms” encouraging other victims to file complaints.

The sequel after the announcement

Rapper Booba embarked on a crusade against the Blata couple in December 2021, regularly denouncing on social networks the risk of scams on products promoted by Dubai influencers.

Another complaint targets the influencer Dylan Thiry, accused of having stolen money collected in the form of cyber kittens with his humanitarian association.

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