“Web3 is a way for YSL Beauté to explore a new form of customer loyalty”

After a first collection of NFTs published in June 2022, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté will release the second one on January 30th. Diane Hecquet, international digital director of the brand, talks about this strategy to JDN.

Diane Hecquet, chief digital and marketing officer Yves Saint-Laurent Beauty. © YSL Beauty

JDN extension. YSL Beauté marks its return to Web3 with a second NFT exit operation, on January 30 and then on February 27. Does this demonstrate a lasting record in this area for the brand?

Diane Hequet. Our intention, ever since our first leap into Web3, was to look to the long term. We didn’t want to go there for one shot. This plunge into Web3 is explained by the desire to explore this universe. It’s a brand new topic for the group’s brands, so there’s everything to build, everything to learn.

What was the result of your first drop in June 2022 and what are the metrics that matter most to you?

We are very satisfied with the first operation in June. This has really made it possible to create a Web3 community around Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, since there are 24,000 people who now own one of our NFTs. Which isn’t too bad when compared to the number of Bored Ape owners (one of the most famous and expensive collections of NFTs, ed) Or other. Thanks to our YSL Beauty wallet, created to recover these famous YSL Beauty Blocks, we have had a very high engagement rate because we can send messages to our holders directly in a decentralized way. It has also allowed us to give visibility to our program “Abuse is not love”. (program to combat domestic violence, ed) because beyond its sustainability, the ambition of our roadmap is also to support this program dear to Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

“A drop in NFT raises multiple issues in terms of business organization”

Many companies have tried NFT before realizing that the execution of a drop and the culture of Web3 are not easy to understand. Did your first operation allow you to learn certain lessons?

We were really in a try and learn approach with the idea of ​​archiving as much knowledge as possible. Among them, it may seem obvious, but we have seen the need for education on this topic, both internally and for our existing Yves Saint Laurent communities. Because even if we also address Web3 addicts, our target is wider. So we had to educate our audience and our communities about these new topics to engage them with us and not have them see it as a complicated or pointless world. It was really an early learning.

The second is more internal: launching an NFT drop is not easy and it is not only the responsibility of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. There are dozens of professions involved behind it, be they financial, IT, tax… This raises many questions and is therefore a real question of business organization.

Image of NFT YSL Night Block. © YSL Beauty

You mentioned your YSL Beauty wallet, designed with the Arianee protocol that integrates the ability to send messages. What kind of information were you able to gather about your Web3 community?

We remain on the data of 0 parts. Indeed, we do not have information relating to personal data on this audience, but we have a geographical vision: we know that it is global and that was also one of the challenges. Our engagement rate through messages is good, it’s a starting point and now our desire is to get to know this community better, to respond to its expectations and questions. The information we don’t have today is the percentage of owners of our NFTs among buyers of Yves Saint Laurent beauty products and fans of our social networks. That’s information you can’t get, and that’s the beauty of Web3. We know this community and of course we want to get as much feedback from it as possible to be the most relevant and fair to it.

“It’s not about PR shots, the goal is to be a frontrunner on this topic”

Does communication with this community involve new difficulties for a brand like YSL Beauty?

More than a challenge, we really see it as an opportunity, which means that in our brand ecosystem we now have a new touchpoint to speak directly to an interested audience, without going through Facebook, Instagram or even an inbox. The next step will certainly be to create a social platform where the community can discuss. This is one of the building blocks we would like to explore. For us, the June operation and this Black Opium campaign are part of our goal to explore a new form of customer loyalty program. This is really how we approach Web3. It’s not about PR shots, the goal is to try to understand and anticipate this turning point to be pioneers on this issue to be faithful to the brand’s DNA.

What is this new NFT release planned in two phases?

This new activation comes out on the occasion of the launch of the new Black Opium fragrance. For the first drop, we continue the YSL Beauty Blocks collection, which started in June 2022 and consists of Golden NFT blocks and Pride blocks. So let’s open a new chapter with the YSL Beauty Night Blocks, which refer directly to Black Opium and its nocturnal universe. These NFTs take the form of a gift with purchase, offered on the purchase of a Black Opium perfume on four of our sites, and this, to reward the commitment of our users and for newcomers, to create their YSL Beauty portfolio . It’s the new generation of the gift-with-purchase, it’s no longer the kit with the products. It’s a brand endorsement for customer engagement and a promise of a new kind of relationship with associated rewards, digital or physical. One of the rewards of these Night Blocks is to give access to the private sale of the second chapter of this operation, a drop made on February 27 in collaboration with three artists who will offer their own interpretation of the “Black Opium night”. The profits from this sale will be donated to the Aimer sans abuse program charities.

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