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Who better than the users of a technology to judge the impact it will have on their daily lives? On the sidelines of a survey, Coinwire surveyed users of the metaverse to find out if this technology could have any effect on their daily lifestyle. And unsurprisingly, most of the people surveyed answered positively. More specifically, 69% of users believe that the metaverse will disrupt their social lives and reshape the way they interact in the coming years. This survey comes as enthusiasm for Web3 has died down slightly with the turbulent year the cryptocurrency world has had over the past year. The result of this survey was carried out last December on around 10,000 investors in the crypto universe.

69% of metaverse users see this technology reshaping their lives

As part of an investigation, Coinwiredecided to measure the impression the metaverse has left on users. It is in this movement that he will launch a survey of nearly 10,000 crypto investors last December. In a rather particular context, given that the crypto universe was about to close a complex year from all points of view. Between the fall of Terra (LUNA), the bankruptcy of FTX, and the incarceration of Sam Bankman-Fried, there was a lot to digest.

Despite this climate of uncertainty, 69% of users chose to bet on web3 in general and the Metaverse in particular. They agree that this technology will reshape their approach to entertainment. Similarly, 65% of them believe that in addition to entertainment, this tech venture will also be revolve social interactions.

Social and entertainment weren’t the only points investigated. Other equally important aspects such as finance, business and education received high scores (61.2%, 49.6% and 45%). This is a good thing, because if we analyze the patents obtained from Microsoft in the last 5 years alone, 158 of them are related to metaverse projects. The company thus ranks first by a good margin over its competitors such as Meta, Tencent and Epic Games. One thing is certain, the more the metaverse grows, the more its impact will grow in all areas of life.


In short, this survey is a bit peculiar, because among the 10,000 respondents, over 53% own a cryptocurrency. This means that despite the market turmoil, these investors believe in this technology and maintain a positive feeling about its daily use. However, the survey makes it clear that users are less confident when it comes to the term web 3, there is a kind of uncertainty. This is why 60% of users are in favor of real regulation to avoid further slippage as in recent months.

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