NFT: influencers accused of fraud

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A project that is riding the NFT trend


The alleged scam based on an “NFT” project. Evolving in the realm of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, these tokens are a kind of title deed to a fully digital archive or work. These new ” tokens there was a lot of talk about them in 2022 and they have even become a trend on social media, especially among younger investors.

The potential scam concerns the acquisition of tokens” Souls “, a platform project that raised funds to develop a game of” play to earn through NFTs. This has proposed images reminiscent of famous Pokémon and promised especially to its investors ” a monthly salary of $2,500 for life and luxury travel.

Some observers raised suspicions about the project very early on. Inconsistencies in its construction and in the creation of NFTs, a simple web page without legal notices as a means of demonstration, promises of returns too good to be true… The project has nevertheless convinced 5,000 investors worldwide with a collection of more than 6 Millions of dollars.

The money and the project leaders have evaporated

In the end, Animoon came to nothing and its creators disappeared, possibly along with the cashier. Investors will likely never see their share again. Among the victims are the French, many of whom were convinced by the speeches of famous reality influencers on social networks.

On January 23, 2023, the AVI collective, which defends victims of influencers, announced that 88 people were filing charges for ” organized gang scam ” And ” breach of trust against a pair of expat influencers in Dubai who allegedly advertised the investment. A complaint against X, directed against the carriers of the Animoon project, will also be filed.

The two influencers in question are also suspected of having encouraged their community to invest in Forex trading, using a process of ” copy trade which consists of copying the strategies of the professionals to maximize the chances of winning. However, Forex is a very risky market in which, according to the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, 70 to 80% of investors lose their stake, when it is not a scam.

In case of doubt, private individuals can consult the MFA blacklist or apply to the authority to obtain information on the reality of an investment.

A classic financial investment scam scheme

The fraudulent editing of Animoon, if proven, unfortunately remains classic. People create a bogus but sales project to raise money from individuals. In return for their investment, victims are promised windfall, luxurious gifts, etc.

The speech generally consists in making him believe that he has made a confidence, that the investment is ” rare “also” secret because very profitable “which is necessary” decide very quickly “, that ” earnings will be quick and without risk “. Whatever the proposed location, on the Internet or elsewhere, this type of argument must immediately arouse mistrust.

The problem is all the greater when the communication campaigns are conveyed by influencers with several million subscribers, who sometimes have no qualms about their followers.

This new case should attract the attention of potential investors wishing to engage in atypical financial products (NFTs, wines, diamonds, Pokémon cards, racehorses and others). From the outset, one must always consider that investing in any financial support remains risky. Also, one should never lose sight of the fact that the greater the potential gain, the greater the risk of losing everything. Finally, one must be satisfied with investing sums the loss of which would not affect either the standard of living or the projects.

The world of influencers shaken by potentially abusive practices
Dropshipping, dubious financial products or training, illegal practice of medicine… The world of influencers is currently rocked by accusations of deceptive practices. The government now wants to regulate their activity to avoid excesses.


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