The candidates want to convince the voters with these problems

Kamp-Lintfort. The editors present the candidates in the Wesel II constituency and their goals. They talk about their topics they want to score with. Bdiu Lboejebujoofo voe Lboejebufo xpmmfo bn 26/ Nbj jn Xbimlsfjt Xftfm JJ- {v efn Lbnq.Mjougpsu- Sifjocfsh- Bmqfo- Tpotcfdl- Yboufo voe Wpfsef hfi÷sfo- jo efo Eýttfmepsgfs Mboeubh fjo{jfifo/ Xjs ibcfo jn {xfjufo … Read more

Now Russia is also on fire: Ukraine is responding with new spiked tactics

Counterattacks: Missiles on Russian cities: Ukraine responds with new spiked tactics Attacks on Russian cities near the Ukrainian border have increased in recent days. Is Ukraine now reversing the situation and shifting the war to Russian territory? The Ukrainian army would only have a very limited arsenal of weapons at its disposal, but it has … Read more

The house with a kitchen – room service in the Lietzensee

Excuse me, no kitchens in the apartments? A scandal! Instead, the “creation of central kitchens, central laundries and the introduction of central heating”, as well as dining rooms, nurseries and gyms? Really a scandal! The headwind hitting this new life form is taking on the strength of a hurricane. There is talk of “future stable … Read more

Witten: “guest worker” son raised between cultures

Witten. He did not come to stay: the Suceskas once came to Witten as “guest workers”. Son Armin is now engaged in Bosnian culture. Wps 41 Kbisfo csbdi jo efs Ifjnbu wpo Bsnjo Tvdftlbt Fmufso Lsjfh bvt / Ebnbmt mfcufo tjf tdipo {xfj Kbis {fiouf bmt ‟Hbtubscfjufs” jo Efvutdimboe / Efsjfsu ffsjdi jufs efvfs cdsu … Read more

Cyclists and skaters have conquered the main communication routes

The first bicycle festival with a bicycle parade on Sunday afternoon in Preetz was a complete success. As many as 400 people of all ages took part to conquer the entire width of Preetz’s main thoroughfares for the first time on bikes, scooters, inline skates or skateboards. Under the motto “Safe roads for all” they … Read more

Geywitz sticks to the new goal of apartment building

Construction cranes in Berlin – The construction industry sees the goal of creating 400,000 new apartments a year as “illusory”. – © Photo: Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa Construction Minister Klara Geywitz is sticking to her goal of creating 400,000 new homes every year, despite problems in the construction sector. Achieving this goal has … Read more