“This industry is unforgiving”, Microsoft buries this revolutionary project

“This industry is unforgiving”, Microsoft buries this revolutionary project

JVTech News “This industry is unforgiving”, Microsoft buries this revolutionary project Posted on 01/25/2023 at 19:35 Split out : Not happy with its position, the multinational had seen the big picture and rushed to invest in a new innovative sector in 2017. However, despite all its efforts to develop this revolutionary project, Microsoft has failed … Read more

VR training platform Gemba mobilizes $18 million

Gemba is revolutionizing the metaverse. Through its virtual reality (VR)-focused services, the company offers businesses unique ways to train their employees. To do this, it provides them with new educational programs and gives them access, for example through a VR headset, to simulated interactive training events. The company is now aiming to conquer new markets. … Read more

Buying a VR headset for your kids: what you need to know

Buying a VR headset for kids has become increasingly mainstream, especially with the metaverse taking over almost every field. It should be remembered that virtual reality can present dangers. Therefore, it is important to choose the right helmet for your children and also monitor the time they spend in front of the screen. With a … Read more

Crypto, NFT and metaverse: Amazon in full idyll with the web 3

A spring of NFTs – Amazon would soon reveal its NFT project, which would initially focus on blockchain gaming for its clients. The company would therefore be on the verge of realizing the words of its general manager, last April. Amazon is preparing its NFT project, its general manager had already announced Citing four sources … Read more

Will the metaverse revolutionize the insurance industry?

In the face of the numerous commercial prospects offered by the metaverse, its popularity among companies is growing. Here’s how the insurance industry can take advantage of this environment. The metaverse is still little known and its uses seem to be dedicated above all to the world of gaming. Despite the skepticism of some, many … Read more

Artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, Midjourney… Let’s see the glass half full!

ChatGPT follows the classic cycle of new technologies We haven’t seen such a strong argument in the technical press for a long time. The wave of DALL-E, ChatGPT, Midjourney, Sparrow and other Chatsonics seems much more powerful than that of NFTs or the metaverse, whether its developers like it or not. Like a tidal motion, … Read more

Will slot machines dominate metaverse games?

Digital games are nothing new, as the gaming industry was one of the first to fully exploit the potential of the internet and the web. Of course, gambling is also part of this world, and today there are hundreds of platforms that allow gambling enthusiasts from all over the world to bet online, regardless of … Read more

The MIA market in Rome hosts an event dedicated to the relationship between NFT and audiovisual

01/25/2023 – The speakers discussed the potential, challenges and legal issues related to the exploitation of this new technology This article is available in English. On Friday 13 January the Nuovo Cinema Barberini in Rome hosted the event organized by MIA Mercato and the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy entitled “NFT and Audiovisual. … Read more

Sparrow, Google’s answer to ChatGPT

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a technology topic get this much attention. In a few weeks ChatGPT will have totally eclipsed the metaverse, Elon Musk and NFTs in the trade press. The opening up of this type of technology to the general public follows the usual steps: first, everyone is enchanted by … Read more

Apple’s new VR headset, good news for the metaverse?

Apple has just unveiled the features of its new VR headset, which is expected to launch this year. Is this good news for metaverse projects? Bloomberg published a detailed review of Apple’s new VR headset on Tuesday, January 24. Called the Reality Pro, the device is expected to be released this year priced at $3,000. … Read more