Lots of new names at Leefbaar Rotterdam: ‘We want to be the biggest by far’ | Rotterdam

Leefbaar Rotterdam will go to the elections in March next year with many new faces. There are three newcomers in just the top five on the candidate list. Also noteworthy: the return of Gerben Vreugdenhil, who abruptly left the board last year. After party leader Robert Simons, who had already been appointed by the party, … Read more

Exchange without scholarship (inside and outside the EU) – Student Portal – Ghent University

Know where you are going and estimate the main health risks at your destination. A lot of information about it is available online, but an excellent and reliable site is that of the Antwerp Tropical Institute: www.wanda.be (also available as a Wanda app). Enter your destination and you will have an overview of the main … Read more

Analysis: for whom does the collective labor agreement of the universities intervene?

The reduction of fixed-term contracts is an important issue in the new collective bargaining agreement for universities. University teachers benefit in particular. Postdocs are left behind and shouldn’t. Image: Shutterstock According to the trade union FNV, the new agreements on permanent work in universities indicate a “change of culture”. University employers themselves speak of “a … Read more

Stock price prediction with alternative data

Earlier this month, VPRO’s Tegenlicht brought an interesting broadcast on so-called ‘alternative data’, to predict who are the winners and losers on the stock exchange. This topic was discussed extensively in the De Dataloog podcast, as well as other surprising data news. Where previously investors had to wait for annual reports, analyst reports, quarterly data … Read more

Six reasons why it’s not so bad to change studios | inland

Scholarship for educationAfraid of making the wrong study choice? Do you want to change studies or have you already abandoned your studies because your studies were not quite what you expected? Don’t worry, says Xandra Koops, Inspiration Engine study choices coach: even a “wrong” study choice can be very useful for you. You will discover … Read more

Universities should check not to hire psychopaths

News | by Frans van Heest November 10, 2021 † When universities hire academic staff in a leadership position, they must take a test to see if they are psychopaths, says UvA researcher Iris Breetvelt. The behavior of psychopaths also hinders new recognition and appreciation. Behind the academic misconduct and intimidation, a corporate psychopath hide. … Read more

Send a question – Student portal – Ghent University

Please read the information below before starting the online application Make sure you have a PDF version of the required documents (diploma and grade list) When you start the online application, this means that you agree with the admission requirements Read the information below before starting the online application Keep the deadline in mind. The … Read more