With a scholarship to Oxford

26 February 2019, 4:56 pm He studied at Oxford : A touch of Hogwarts Tina Christmann is doing her Masters in Oxford. You appreciate not only the high quality of the teaching, but also the atmosphere conducive to discussion. Photo: Tina Christmann Oxford Tina Christmann studies at one of the oldest and most renowned universities … Read more

Stays Abroad: Ireland is the perfect post-Brexit alternative

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Constance: The Mindelsee grant is up to EUR 100,000 for young entrepreneurs wishing to start a business. This is mainly aimed at strengthening the start-up location in Constanta

Four people and three generations are seated at a table at the Institute for Strategic Innovation and Technological Management in Costanza. While they are different in age, they couldn’t be closer in terms of ideas and visions. You want to accompany young people interested in founding a company on their way to their first company. … Read more

Consequences of Brexit for science: uncertain future for Erasmus

Brexit could mean a great loss for Britain as a science venue (picture alliance / Kristy O’Connor) Colleague: “Gianna, how was your release?” Gianna: “I have two articles that I will send to scientific journals, one next week, I’m really excited about it, and then another, hopefully, in February and March”. Colleague: “That’s right, there … Read more

The “Talent im Land” scholarship program promotes talented students from Baden-Württemberg: the young Syrian from Sulzfeld receives a scholarship

Sulzfeld (kn) The “Talent im Land” (TiL) scholarship program, supported by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation and the Josef Wund Foundation, supports talented students from Baden-Württemberg who, due to their social background, face obstacles on their way to baccalaureate or admission qualifications to a university of applied sciences must be overcome. Thanks to an endowment from the … Read more

Strengthening through international trade | Jewish general

The Benno Jacob and Bertha Pappenheim Scholarship Program of Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk (ELES) is being extended and expanded. The Studienwerk for the promotion of Jewish talent announced Monday during a ceremony in the Weltsaal of the Federal Foreign Ministry in Berlin. The event was attended by around 130 guests, including many fellows and graduates … Read more

Would you like to get to know the German Parliament ?: Scholarship Program in Arabic: Extension Deadline for applications: 1 December 2020

The German Bundestag is offering the International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) program of the Arab states for the tenth time. The scholarship will give 24 young and committed graduates from the Arab world the opportunity to learn more about the German political system. The idea The Arab States Program of the International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) is … Read more