Loosening of the crown: what now applies in kindergartens and schools in Bavaria

In clinics and nursing homes, as well as in public transport, the former basic crown protection measures will remain in effect in Bavaria, according to the cabinet decision until May 28. However, the rules in Bavarian schools and kindergartens will be relaxed from May 1st. The compulsory tests in schools, kindergartens and nurseries are no … Read more

War, Crown, economic crisis – “Political education needs sufficient space in schools”

The portal of the German school: In your opinion, should the importance of political education in schools be strengthened, especially against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine? And how can schools do this justice?Sabine Achour: The war in Ukraine once again shows the importance of political education. Structurally, there should always be enough space … Read more

Thomas Nückel: School is a winning argument for the PLR

herne After 2012 and 2017, Herner Thomas Nückel wants to move back to the state parliament for the FDP. Because he thinks his chances of him are good. fjot- {xfj-esfj; Obdi 3123 voe 3128 xjmm Uipnbt Oýdlfm )GEQ* bn 26/ Nbj {vn esjuufo Nbm jo Gpmhf ýcfs ejf Mboeftsftfswfmjtuf tfjofs Qbsufj jo efo OSX.Mboeubh fjo{jfifo/ … Read more

Current Corona rules in Bavaria from May: compulsory masks, schools, kindergartens, PNV, shopping

Crown rules in Bavaria from May 2022: Widely revoked measures – this applies now to school, kindergarten, supermarket, bus and train 2G, 3G & Co. are no longer available exceptions in clinics, retirement and nursing homes Mask requirement raised in many areas People infected with Corona must do this just another five days in solitary … Read more

The German Forest Protection Association honors the St. Markus primary school in Hau.

May 2, 2022 at 5:45 am school : “Trees don’t need a calendar” St. Markus Bedburg-Hau Community Primary School students and their supervisors are equally delighted with the award. Photo: Klaus Dieter Stade (kds) Bedburg-Hau The all-day school of St. Markus Primary School in Bedburg-Hau received the “Forestry Experts” award from the German Forest Protection … Read more

Donations: Students raise an “overwhelming” sum for refugees

To donate Students raise an “overwhelming” sum for refugees Updated: 05/02/2022 05:59 | Reading time: 2 minutes During a sponsored race, an incredible amount was donated by schoolchildren (symbolic image). Photo: IMAGO / Horst Rudel The Forsmannstraße school organized the sponsored run for the benefit of refugees from Ukraine. The sum surprised everyone. = tqbo … Read more

Choice of school: Schools in Hamburg: the social differences are so extreme

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Corona news ticker: masks are no longer mandatory in Hamburg schools NDR.de – News

Status: 05/02/2022 06:00 In the live ticker, NDR.de will also inform you today – Monday 2 May 2022 – about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg. You can read yesterday’s reports in Sunday blog light. The essentials in brief: The mask requirement also ends in Hamburg schools … Read more