Xanten: Debate on cooperation between high school and middle school

March 7, 2022 at 5:32 pm Cooperation between the middle school and the high school of Xanten : “Each school would remain self-sufficient” The Stiftsgymnasium of Xanten (archive). Photo: ja / Arnulf Stoffel (ast) Xanten In Xanten, more investments are expected in high schools and general schools. The Free Citizens’ Initiative (FBI) had therefore suggested … Read more

Police stamp for Stuttgart-Weilimdorf, 7 March 2022: school raid – witnesses wanted

Cybercrime in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf currently: what happened today? Read the daily reports from the local police in your region here on news.de – today with an updated blue light report broadcast from the police headquarters in Stuttgart. Current Police Report: Cybercrime Image: Adobe Stock / frank_peters Broke into school – witnesses wanted Stuttgart-Weilimdorf (ots) – Unknown … Read more

Played “Elex 2”: Old school RPG

“Elex 2” by Piranha Bytes is like a culture shock. Where a “Horizon: Forbidden West” scrapes the technical possibilities of the PS5 and playfully smooths out all the edges, Piranha Byte’s ultimate adventure is more like Aloy’s dirty little brother. Outdated technology, immature combat mechanics, and flat humor that you can’t get your feet in … Read more