Star Trek for the inner child: Bonn Park’s “space opera” in the Düsseldorf theater – Ddorf-Aktuell

One thing must be said in advance: the critic is a Trekkie from the start. In the late 1960s, the spaceship Enterprise took me into “space, endless expanses”. Spock, the pointy-eared half-volcano with the subtle emotions – my second dream man next to Winnetou. But: I was twelve! It is with extreme amazement that I … Read more

Played “Elex 2”: Old school RPG

“Elex 2” by Piranha Bytes is like a culture shock. Where a “Horizon: Forbidden West” scrapes the technical possibilities of the PS5 and playfully smooths out all the edges, Piranha Byte’s ultimate adventure is more like Aloy’s dirty little brother. Outdated technology, immature combat mechanics, and flat humor that you can’t get your feet in … Read more

Fixed opening – That’s why “Josefina” will be the highlight of the new season

Heidelberg24 consumer Created: 07.03.2022Updated: 07/03/2022 7:54 Of: Head of a marten divided Europapark Rust – magical journey instead of a jungle sensation: after accusations of racism, the popular “jungle raft journey” has been redesigned. What it will look like now in the future seems clear. Unsurprisingly, Europapark Rust in the beautiful Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg … Read more