Braunschweig dancers choreograph the big questions

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Apply now: Support the teachers of tomorrow / Start your studies successfully with the Mintoring teacher training funding program in Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart (ots) – Those who are enthusiastic can inspire others! The Mintoring Teacher Training Scholarship Program in Baden-Württemberg is looking for students who would like to pass on their enthusiasm for science and technical school subjects to the next generation as teachers. After all, there is an urgent need for teachers in the MINT subjects … Read more

Helmstedt District: Long trips to school are the norm

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Jakob Park’s Dream: Passing through the Braunschweig Lions to the NFL

Soccer New York Lions Jakob Park’s Dream: Passing through the Braunschweig Lions to the NFL 01/28/2022, 14:04 | Reading time: 3 minutes New Lions quarterback Jakob Parks last played in American college. Photo: USD Athletics / oh Brunswick. The new Lions playmaker is looking forward to his first overseas assignment and wants to win titles … Read more

In search of sound in a school in Vechelde

Vechelde gym In search of sound in a school in Vechelde 03/29/2022, 13:05 | Reading time: 2 minutes The fifth and sixth grade pupils passed Vechelder High School blindfolded. Photo: Vechelde gym Vechelde. Vechelde high school students undertake an informative search for clues with HBK Braunschweig – we tell you what they experience here. Xjf … Read more

Commercial vehicle fleets are having a tough year / sourcing and financing concepts on the test bed

Stuttgart (ots) – The continuing turbulence in the automotive market is putting fleet managers in difficulty. There is a shortage of vehicles and costs are rising. Learning from the crisis means testing procurement and financing concepts, says Majk Strika, managing director of fleet management company ARI Fleet Germany GmbH, a German subsidiary of the global … Read more

In this Wolfsburg school, robots help with learning

Schools in Wolfsburg In this Wolfsburg school, robots help with learning Updated: 03-24-2022 05:56 | Reading time: 3 minutes Developer Christian Trapp interacts with a robotic arm at the Festo stand at the Hanover Fair. With BionicWorkplace, Festo is showing a workplace for human-robot collaboration. Human-robot collaboration (HRC), which is becoming increasingly important in industry, … Read more

The Wolfsburg school starts with afternoon classes

Late start of the course The Wolfsburg school starts with afternoon classes 21/03/2022, 14:16 | Reading time: 3 minutes The biorhythm of adolescents makes learning in the morning difficult: some schools react to this. Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / dpa Wolfsburg. Ludwig Fresenius schools want to expand their offer. What is behind and to whom the … Read more