War in Ukraine: This German nurse helps the victims of Putin’s war

Berlin / Kiev. A German nurse arranges medical care for civilians in the war in Ukraine. The danger to life is part of their daily life. There is only a mile or so between the point of impact of the rockets and Anja Wolz’s desk as the crow flies. The 52-year-old German was sitting in … Read more

Germany’s Role in the Ukraine Conflict: Why We Need to Help Now

Berlin. Lives, families, cities and perhaps an entire country are being destroyed before our very eyes. We need to help Ukraine now. The images and news that have reached us from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion are dramatic. A little girl who runs away shouting goodbye to her father who remains to … Read more

War in Ukraine: situation at the front – situation in Mariupol increasingly desperate

In the besieged Ukrainian city Mariupol the situation becomes increasingly desperate after several failed evacuation campaigns. For days there has been no water, no heating, no functioning sewage system, no telephone connection. Residents of the city of 430,000 drew water from streams or melted snow for a drink, an AP news agency reporter noted on … Read more