“Desolate conditions”: Eglharting elementary school needs to be renovated – Ebersberg

Which building has enough classrooms and staff rooms, a canteen and a certain amount of technical equipment? Yes, a school. However, if these are the criteria for an educational institution, then Eglharting Elementary and Middle School shouldn’t really be called one. However, numerous girls and boys are taught there in a total of nine classes, … Read more

School and Corona: what the pandemic has done to the psyche – Ebersberg

Susanne Dorner-Ramlow uses the metaphor so often used to illustrate the effects of the pandemic on school students: burning glass. The magnifying glass reveals what is hidden, in this case those existing inequalities that the crisis has brought to light. Dorner-Ramlow has been a school psychologist at Vaterstetten Primary and Middle School for 16 years. … Read more