The tourist region of Mexico is sinking into violence: it is becoming dangerous for tourists

Mexico is famous for its dream beaches and famous for its drug crime. Cartels are becoming more and more brutal. And now tourists are also victims of the escalation of violence. The Riviera Maya is usually beautiful: fine sandy beaches with coconut palms, pyramids on the turquoise sea, snorkeling on the coral reef. Mexican vacation … Read more

Xanten: Debate on cooperation between high school and middle school

March 7, 2022 at 5:32 pm Cooperation between the middle school and the high school of Xanten : “Each school would remain self-sufficient” The Stiftsgymnasium of Xanten (archive). Photo: ja / Arnulf Stoffel (ast) Xanten In Xanten, more investments are expected in high schools and general schools. The Free Citizens’ Initiative (FBI) had therefore suggested … Read more