Interview with Frank Daemen on the planned reopening of the German Center Parcs parks

05/21/2021 – 2:04 pm Central park A document 20210521_CP_Interview Frank Daemen.pdfPDF – 133KB PRESS RELEASE Interview with Frank Daemen, Managing Director Center Parcs Germany, for the planned reopening of the parks Cologne, May 21, 2021. The crown pandemic has presented many companies with unprecedented challenges for months. After the Center Parcs parks had to close … Read more

Postbank Housing Atlas 2022 / Property prices will rise to new heights in 2021

03/25/2022 – 10:30 am post bank Bonn (ot) The increase accelerates significantly compared to the previous year Cities in eastern and central Germany are also becoming more expensive Prices in the suburbs are rising faster than in expensive metropolises In the second Corona year 2021, residential property prices in Germany continued to rise, and at … Read more

The renowned Swiss college Institut auf dem Rosenberg offers as a …

03/24/2022 – 12:24 Institute on the Rosenberg Gallen, Switzerland (ots) The Institut auf dem Rosenberg is now expanding its holistic and individualized learning environment with Humanix®, a program that trains cognitive skills and data-related skills by studying complex connections and relationships. Rosenberg is the first school in the world to offer Humanix®. With the program, … Read more

ImmoScout24 new construction price analysis 2021 for the top 10 cities in Germany

03/22/2022 – 08:59 ImmoScout24 Berlin (ot) The purchase prices of new apartments and houses continue to rise No end in sight: Asking prices for newly built condominiums in German metropolitan areas increased between 3.4 and 19.1 percent in 2021. Prices for new homes in neighboring metropolitan areas also developed very dynamically with an increase of … Read more

These are the photos of the dpa of the year 2021

03/23/2022 – 18:51 dpa German News Agency GmbH Berlin (ot) The German news agency today awarded her best photos of the year. Georg Wendt won the News category. His photo shows then Chancellor Angela Merkel in Marlow Bird Park with Australian lorikeets. The image has attracted worldwide attention and has made its way into numerous … Read more

Energy saving lamps, recycling, organic seals: the New Earth Hour study shows how …

03/22/2022 – 08:59 CLARK Frankfurt am Main (ots) When famous places like the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Brandenburg Gate suddenly disappear into the darkness of the night, it’s time to turn off the lights again to protect the climate! The annual “Earth Hour” takes place on March 26th. According … Read more

Carestone Expert Talk: Mixed age cities and neighborhoods are more attractive

21/03/2022 – 10:37 Carestone Group Ltd Hanover (ots) Carestone CDO Ralf Licht and futurologist Max Thinius discussed the future of life and care in urban areas at the Carestone Expert Talk. Cities and neighborhoods can benefit if they create more housing, housing and care solutions for older people. Great competition for building spaces and plots … Read more

Leave without worrying or visiting relatives / Ten tips to make your holidays safe and …

18/03/2022 – 12:07 Verisure Germany GmbH Ratingen The Easter holidays are just around the corner and even though the incidences are still very high, people are looking forward to taking advantage of their newly gained freedom to finally get back on the road, visit places of interest, visit relatives or even travel. correctly. Not even … Read more

Get away or visit relatives without worry

03/18/2022 – 10:01 Verisure Germany GmbH Ten tips for enjoying your holidays in safety and relaxation Ratingen, March 18, 2022 – The Easter holidays are just around the corner and even if the incidences are still very high, people are looking forward to taking advantage of the freedom they have just gained to finally hike … Read more

ITB Berlin and IPK International: turnaround in international tourism

17/03/2022 – 17:31 Messe Berlin GmbH Berlin (ot) On the occasion of the Digital Business Day, ITB Berlin publishes the current results of IPK International’s World Travel Monitor® on the global development of travel abroad in 2021 and on travel intentions for 2022 Despite the lockdown and difficult travel conditions in the second year of … Read more