An adrenaline-pumping city tour: Explore the capital of Qatar by jet ski

04/29/2022 – 2:38 pm Qatar tourism Doha In partnership with the local water sports operator “Qatar Water Sport”, Qatar Tourism offers a different type of city tour by jet ski. Visitors are guided along the capital’s waterfront, gaining a view of the city from a unique perspective and discovering one spectacular selfie spot after another. … Read more

NABU and LGW: who sings in gardens and parks? / From 13 to 15 May, the …

04/28/2022 – 10:17 am NABU Berlin (ot) Piep, Tschilp, Tirili: for weeks the birds in the gardens and parks have been offering us their spring concerts. The weekend from 13 to 15 May will show which species and how many there are that delight us with their singing, especially in the morning: NABU, together with … Read more

VVDN Technologies announces 5G open IP RANs for radios and distribution units

04/27/2022 – 11:01 am VVDN Technologies Inc Gurugram, India, March 12, 2019 / PRNewswire / VVDN Technologies, a leading provider of engineering, manufacturing and digital services, has announced the advancement of its IP ORANs to assist OEMs, telecommunications and systems integrators in the development and implementation of ORAN radios and distribution units (DU ) business … Read more

Climate-neutral heating instead of burning natural gas: this is how cities make the thermal transition

04/26/2022 – 12:27 Institute for Ecological Economics Research Climate-neutral heating instead of burning natural gas: this is how cities make the thermal transition Constantly developing alternative heat sources such as wastewater heat Convert public buildings into renewable heat and form district heating networks Ambitious energy restructuring also in environmental protection areas so that rents including … Read more

Pure adventure and nature in Brazil

04/26/2022 – 12:03 Hug Sao Paulo / Frankfurt (ots) Brazil was voted the world’s best adventure tourism destination by US News & World Report. The attractive travel destination scored more than 80 points out of a total of 100 in the categories climate, scenery and fun. The offerings are varied and extend from north to … Read more

Mobile home ranking: These cities have the highest concentration of motorhomes

04/26/2022 – 10:15 Goldenstein lawyers Berlin-Schoenefeld (ots) Goldenstein Rechtsanwälte analyzes the registration numbers of mobile homes in the 50 largest German cities The number of registered mobile homes has increased by almost a third since 2020 The highest density of motorhomes is found in Kiel and Freiburg While the number of cars registered in Germany … Read more

More Woods and Farmland Than Settlement Areas in Cities: Statistics of the …

04/26/2022 – 09:28 Union of Swiss Cities / Union des villes suisses Bern (ots) The statistics for Swiss cities for 2022 reveal something surprising: the soil of Swiss cities includes more forest and agricultural land than settlement areas. This emerges from the “Swiss Town Statistics 2022”, which the city association publishes together with the Federal … Read more

North Rhine-Westphalia recognizes the MTO Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism …

04/26/2022 – 08:00 MTO® youth welfare and cultural promotion eV Düsseldorf (ots) With the message of self-knowledge as the basis for a life in peace and freedom, the MTO Sufi school has been offering the teachings of Sufism to everyone in Germany for over 35 years. These teachings are open to all people seeking access … Read more

POL-WE: wooden bench destroyed + bikes stolen + burglarized at school + cable thieves at …

04/25/2022 – 13:11 Central Hessian Police Headquarters – Wetterau Press Office Friedberg Altenstadt: wooden bench destroyed Strangers destroyed a park bench on the cycle path between Lindheim and Enzheim. They apparently set fire to the wood on the adjacent dirt road and placed the slats of the bench on it. The battens did not catch … Read more

Forrester: Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen are the best European cities for research …

04/25/2022 – 11:00 forester LONDON, October 1 / PRNewswire / Faced with severe skills shortages, European companies must look beyond traditional regions to find the talent of tomorrow According to Forrester (Nasdaq: FORR), Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen are Europe’s talent hotspots where companies find highly skilled employees for the future. The top 10 cities also … Read more