War in Ukraine: This German nurse helps the victims of Putin’s war

Berlin / Kiev. A German nurse arranges medical care for civilians in the war in Ukraine. The danger to life is part of their daily life. There is only a mile or so between the point of impact of the rockets and Anja Wolz’s desk as the crow flies. The 52-year-old German was sitting in … Read more

Ongoing war in Ukraine: the army recaptures 29 settlements around Kiev and Chernihiv

D.According to the general staff, the Ukrainian armed forces have 29 settlements in the regions Kiev And Chernihiv taken back by Russian troops. These are areas from which Russia has withdrawn some of its troops, it said in a statement on Friday. The Russian blockade and bombing of cities continued in northeastern Ukraine Chernihiv And … Read more

Russia-Ukraine War: Gas Payments Still Appear in Euros | NDR.de – News

Status: 03/31/2022 00:52 Apparently, Germany and other European contracting partners can continue to pay for gas from Russia in euros or dollars. This was reported by Russian President Putin. In principle, Germany is willing to provide security guarantees to Ukraine. The news at a glance. “It remains the case that the G7 agreement applies,” federal … Read more

War in Ukraine: the federal government is allegedly considering the establishment of a missile protection shield

AAccording to a newspaper article, in view of the war in Ukraine and the threat posed by Russia, the federal government is examining the establishment of a missile protection shield on federal territory. During a consultation between Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Inspector General Eberhard Zorn this week on the use of the special fund … Read more

This is how the perverse Putin and Lavrov are selling the war to the Russians

March 26, 2022 – 3:07 pm Clock The West has declared a “true hybrid and total war” on Russia. Harsh words from Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov on the new sanctions imposed by the US, the G7 and the European Union. Moscow is reinforcing its rhetoric. The Kremlin, on the other hand, presents its own people … Read more

Germany’s Role in the Ukraine Conflict: Why We Need to Help Now

Berlin. Lives, families, cities and perhaps an entire country are being destroyed before our very eyes. We need to help Ukraine now. The images and news that have reached us from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion are dramatic. A little girl who runs away shouting goodbye to her father who remains to … Read more

War in Ukraine: According to Zelenskyy, Russia is wasting billions on lies and propaganda

D.According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Russian leadership has spent tens of billions of dollars on propaganda. “You all know very well what a huge state propaganda system Russia has built,” Zelenskii said in a video message Saturday night. “Probably no one in the world has ever spent so much money on lies.” read … Read more

Nuclear energy: Environment Minister Lemke attacks Söder over a request for an extension of its useful life

S.Teffi Lemke (Verdi), Federal Minister of Environment and Nuclear Safety, harshly criticized Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) for his request to extend the three active German reactors by at least three years. “We are now experiencing another turning point from a politician who is still slowing down renewables today,” Lemke said in an interview … Read more

War in Ukraine, three countries want to help the residents of Mariupol | NDR.de – News

Date: 25/03/2022 23:26 France is launching a “humanitarian action” by Turkey and Greece to save people from the city of Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, besieged. This was announced by President Macron Friday night after the EU summit. The news at a glance. Macron said that it was “to evacuate all those who want to leave Mariupol”. … Read more

War in Ukraine: Melnyk asks for more weapons from Germany | NDR.de – News

Status: 03/25/2022 17:39 Ukrainian Ambassador Melnyk reiterated his call for more weapons from Germany and an energy embargo on Russia. Moscow has announced that it is now focusing on “liberating the Donbass” in Ukraine. The news at a glance. In an interview with NDR Info, Melnyk said he hopes the federal government will support a … Read more