Ukrainian children go to school in Saxony

KShortly after the start of the lesson, at half past nine, the door of the classroom opens and Andrei enters. The ten-year-old rushed to the middle row and sat on the second bench. His 18 classmates are already there, they are between ten and 16 years old, sitting with their backs straight and their arms … Read more

Crimean Tatar Ismayil Khayredinov helps refugees from Ukraine in Berlin – Friday

“Stand with Ukraine” shines the digital billboard in the morning haze directly in front of the central bus station ZOB. A young man is here to welcome refugees who would never have thought of it himself. He is cold this Friday – eight days after Russia attacked Ukraine – while Ismayil waits at the central … Read more

Ukraine news: Germany supplies Gepard anti-aircraft tanks | Current Europe | DW

The essentials in brief: Germany supplies Ukraine with Gepard tanks The Russian foreign minister warns of the third world war UN Secretary-General initiates mediation efforts The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the diplomatic expulsion Federal cabinet approves energy security amendment Germany will deliver Gepard anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine. defense secretaryAt the beginning of a meeting … Read more

What are the obstacles to integration?

Round of talks on the integration of Ukrainian refugees in the Chancellery Olaf Scholz meets the social partners and associations. (Photo: Getty Images) Berlin A month and a half ago, Olga Melnyk, her partner and their two children fled from Kiev to Düsseldorf. Since then, she says, the bureaucracy has kept her busy. Just last … Read more

More than 20,000 Ukrainian refugee children in schools

Berlin By the end of last week, 20,205 children and young people who fled Ukraine had already been admitted to general and vocational schools across Germany. This was reported by the Conference of Education Ministers (KMK). But the number is set to increase: more and more people are fleeing the Russian invasion abroad, especially women … Read more

Ongoing war in Ukraine: the army recaptures 29 settlements around Kiev and Chernihiv

D.According to the general staff, the Ukrainian armed forces have 29 settlements in the regions Kiev And Chernihiv taken back by Russian troops. These are areas from which Russia has withdrawn some of its troops, it said in a statement on Friday. The Russian blockade and bombing of cities continued in northeastern Ukraine Chernihiv And … Read more

This is how the school works during the war in Ukraine

Pinneberg district This is how the school works during the war in Ukraine Updated: 3/31/2022, 6:15 am | Reading time: 6 minutes Fight Sievers, Claas Greite and Nico Binde While 150 refugee children were housed in schools in the Pinneberg district, Iryna Miskulska, the first Ukrainian teacher, started working in Harksheide. Photo: Claas Greite / … Read more

Ukraine reports fierce Russian attacks in the Chernihiv and Donetsk region

Donetsk According to the governor, there are long-range attacks in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk. (Photo: dpa) Istanbul, Düsseldorf What does “reduction of military action” mean? The world is baffled after the Russian negotiating delegation announced exactly this after talks with Ukrainian participants in Istanbul on Monday evening. It seems that Russian President Vladimir … Read more

Government wants to quickly integrate refugees into the labor market – Germany

Berlin (dpa) – With registration of qualifications, many more language courses and easier recognition of qualifications, refugees from Ukraine should be able to quickly find good job opportunities in Germany. This is the goal that Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) formulated after a high-level meeting with employers, trade unions, chambers, crafts, the Federal Employment … Read more