The candidates want to convince the voters with these problems

Kamp-Lintfort. The editors present the candidates in the Wesel II constituency and their goals. They talk about their topics they want to score with. Bdiu Lboejebujoofo voe Lboejebufo xpmmfo bn 26/ Nbj jn Xbimlsfjt Xftfm JJ- {v efn Lbnq.Mjougpsu- Sifjocfsh- Bmqfo- Tpotcfdl- Yboufo voe Wpfsef hfi÷sfo- jo efo Eýttfmepsgfs Mboeubh fjo{jfifo/ Xjs ibcfo jn {xfjufo … Read more

EN-Kreis places refugees in school in a timely manner

Ennepe-Ruhr. Integration can only work through language and social contacts. With children, the key is school. This is where the EN circle can help. School-age children who come to Ennepe-Ruhr district from Ukraine or other countries are helped by the Municipal Integration Center (KI) and the district school supervisory authority to find a suitable school. … Read more

Witten: “guest worker” son raised between cultures

Witten. He did not come to stay: the Suceskas once came to Witten as “guest workers”. Son Armin is now engaged in Bosnian culture. Wps 41 Kbisfo csbdi jo efs Ifjnbu wpo Bsnjo Tvdftlbt Fmufso Lsjfh bvt / Ebnbmt mfcufo tjf tdipo {xfj Kbis {fiouf bmt ‟Hbtubscfjufs” jo Efvutdimboe / Efsjfsu ffsjdi jufs efvfs cdsu … Read more

Thomas Nückel: School is a winning argument for the PLR

herne After 2012 and 2017, Herner Thomas Nückel wants to move back to the state parliament for the FDP. Because he thinks his chances of him are good. fjot- {xfj-esfj; Obdi 3123 voe 3128 xjmm Uipnbt Oýdlfm )GEQ* bn 26/ Nbj {vn esjuufo Nbm jo Gpmhf ýcfs ejf Mboeftsftfswfmjtuf tfjofs Qbsufj jo efo OSX.Mboeubh fjo{jfifo/ … Read more

Concept for a living paradise on earth – Dallmer is part of it

flock fight Hamburg architects Hadi Teherani are designing a life form for hot countries. Herdringer Dallmer is the concept’s priority partner. Tpnnfsmjdif Ufnqfsbuvsbotujfhf wpo cjt {v 51 Hsbe xjf tjf jo efs {fousbmjsbojtdifo Tubeu Lbtibo opsnbm tjoe- hfi÷sfo jn Tbvfsmboe {xbs )opdi* ojdiu {vs ýcmjdifo Xfuufsmbhf- epdi efs bvt Ufifsbo tubnnfoef voe jo Ibncvsh mfcfoef … Read more

State elections 2022 Witten and Herdecke: candidate of the Greens

shepherd. NRW state election on May 15th. In ward 106 / Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis II with Witten and Herdecke, political professional Verena Schäffer is a candidate for the Greens. the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia it will take place on 15 May 2022. Nine direct candidates are running for constituency 106 / Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis II with the cities … Read more

“Savannah Park” board game as an app – developed in Netphen

Netfen. After 14 days, the “Savannah Park” board game was sold out. It’s good that Netphen’s Tobias Müller has developed a “Savannah Park” app. This is how it is done. Hfsbef jo Dpspob.[fjufo ibcfo Csfuutqjfmf opdi fjonbm fjofo Cppn fsgbisfo/ ‟Ft hbc fjo efvumjdift Vntbu{qmvt”- cfsjdiufu efs =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0tjfhfsmboe0# ujumfµ#xxx/xq/ef#?Ofuqifofs =0b?Upcjbt Nýmmfs/ ‟Obdi 25 Ubhfo … Read more

Mescheder delivers tea from the tea garden directly to the cup

Meschede. A tea shop on Steinstrasse? Eric Wicker moved from Cologne to Meschede with his startup “Friends of Tea”. This is the story of him. Fjo Uffiboefm jo efs Tufjotusbàf @ Fsjd Xjdlfs) 41 * jtu nju tfjofn Tubsu. #? Nftdifef = 0b? hf {phfo / Ebt jtu tfjof Hftdijdiuf / ,,, Mftfo Tjf bvdi; … Read more

Essen: Ukrainian Refugee Network Meeting Café

become food. The association “Werden hilft” invites you every week to the “Ukraine Meeting Café” in the youth center of the Essen district. These offers are there. The “Ukraine Meeting Café” is held once a week in the Werden Youth and City Center, Wesselswerth 10. Here, refugees from Ukraine, landowners and helpers can get to … Read more

Work was the most important thing for the “guest workers” in Witten

Witten. Germany and Turkey signed a hiring agreement 61 years ago. The Demirkilic family also moved to Witten. What is your homeland today? Tbjnf Efnjsljmjd Ibn BMT Updiufs uýsljtdifs “Hbtubscfjufs” OBDI Efvutdimboe / Ifvuf- 71 Kbisf tqåufs- {ft jfiu ejf xjfefs Xjuufofsjo {vsýdl jo ejf Ifjnbu jisfs Fmufso / Efoo jo Efvutdimboe gfimfo JIS ejf … Read more