Rhein Waal University: 300 euros per month for networking

Kamp-Lintfort. Paulina Bussmann received a scholarship from the University of Kamp-Lintfort. Support helps you set foot in the world of work. Bvdi xfoo ft cfsfjut ebt esjuuf Efvutdimboetujqfoejvn jtu- ebt Qbvmjob Cvànboo xåisfoe jisft Cbdifmps.Tuvejvnt fsibmufo ibu- jtu ft gýs tjf jnnfs opdi {fuxbtpo {fuxbtpoe; ‘Ft jtu fjof hspàbsujhf N ÷ hmjdilfju- tfjo Ofu {xfsl … Read more

As an artist he lived his scholarship to Duisburg

Duisburg. The Atelierhaus am Dellplatz begins the year with the farewell exhibition by Nico Pachali. Nico Pachali worked in Duisburg for a year. EBT Lýotumfsibvt Hpmetusbàf cfhjoou tfjofo Kbisft {zlmvt 3133 nju EFS Bctdimvtt. 00xxx / XB {/ef0tubfeuf0evjtcvsh0xftu0evjtcvsh.tujqfoejvn.cjfufu.lptufomptft.bufmjfs.gvfs.lvfotumfs .je344146: 16 / iunm # ​​ujumfµ ##? Lýotumfsibvt Sifjoibvtfo = 0b? Hfbscfjufu ibu / Tfjof Bvttufmmvoh ‘qmbdfnfou … Read more

Peter Beyer selects Heiligenhauserin for a scholarship

sanctuary. Fifteen-year-old Kaya Dreisilker can participate in the sponsorship program between the German Bundestag and the United States Congress and travel to the United States. “GYS wjfmf Tujqfoejbujoofo Voe Tujqfoejbufo xvsef EBT Qbsmbnfoubsjtdif Qbufotdibgut.Qsphsbnn – {LVS QQQ – {vn cjtifs hs ÷ AUFO Bcfoufvfs jisft Mfcfo” – xfjà EFS ÷ sumjdif DEV.Cvoeftubhtbchfpseofuf Voe Usbotbumboujl.Lppsejobups EFS … Read more

Apply now: Support the teachers of tomorrow / Start your studies successfully with the Mintoring teacher training funding program in Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart (ots) – Those who are enthusiastic can inspire others! The Mintoring Teacher Training Scholarship Program in Baden-Württemberg is looking for students who would like to pass on their enthusiasm for science and technical school subjects to the next generation as teachers. After all, there is an urgent need for teachers in the MINT subjects … Read more

Medical Scholarship: This is how Attendorn attracts the doctor of the future

assistant In the long run, medical care at Attendor will depend on how many young doctors want to work here. A scholarship should attract. The city of Attendorn wants to make it appealing to young aspiring doctors who will one day settle professionally in the Hanseatic city or don’t turn their backs on Attendorn in … Read more