Most of the students in Dinslaken are in high school

Forgot. According to statistics, 235 out of 573 children graduated from high school in 2018/19. There are also results on German and foreign students. The municipal administration has now presented the statistics for the 2018/19 school year. The report contains the exact number of students and the number of classes including comparative data for the … Read more

These are the most popular schools

March 23, 2022 at 5:23 pm Results of the registration process : These are the most popular schools in Moers The Hermann Runge Comprehensive School. According to the current status, 116 children will be admitted for the school year 2022/23. Photo: Norbert Prumen Moers The results of the enrollment process for upper secondary schools are … Read more

Statistics, school data, number of students, dropouts –

Stable school system: 383 state and 94 private schools The state school system comprises a total of 383 schools: 190 independent primary schools, 59 district schools (including 12 primary school departments), 60 grammar schools, 13 special schools, 13 regional education and counseling centers (ReBBZ), 44 vocational schools and four adult education schools. For the first … Read more

Student numbers in 2019 and 2020

Compared to the previous year, the number of students increased by 2,322, sufficient for a new secondary school and four new primary schools. Primary school entry classes are growing particularly strongly. The kindergarten increased by 308 children from 9,288 to 9,596 (+ 3.3 percent). In the first grade the number of pupils increased from 16,673 … Read more

Corona pandemic in schools: more sitters, fewer school dropouts

Hamburg Crown pandemic in schools More sitters, less dropout Posted on 02/08/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes For many students, school with a mask is even better than distance learning – at least so the school senator reads from current school statistics. This special exhibit…Many remain seated due to the corona pandemic. Source: dpa / … Read more

Schule an der Bek needs 44 additional rooms

Halstenbek Schule an der Bek needs 44 additional rooms Updated: 11/03/2022 06:05 | Reading time: 3 minutes Alexander Grote is the head of the primary and community school at the Bek in Halstenbek and says: “The school was simply built too small”. Photo: Arne Kolarczyk Data on the need for expansion is available – planning … Read more