Schule Neuwerk performs musicals about skin diseases

At first glance, skin diseases and a musical have little in common. But the musical “Aufgekratzt” unites the two. The show aims to educate children about skin diseases and allergies. The musical will be premiered by primary school children from the Neuwerk school in Rendsburg. They practiced diligently in the string orchestra, choir or as … Read more

Sielmann Milow school: laptops and tablets

The reasoned education of children on laptops and tablets is part of the daily life of the Inge Sielmann elementary school. Annemarie Schwarzlose teaches 2nd class. When she asks the girls and boys to take out the tablet, the excitement is great. Everyone likes to participate. Annemarie Schwarzlose had explained this some time ago to … Read more

Potsdam teachers, parents, students on learning deficits after Corona, school and digital education

Two years of the corona pandemic: what does this do to children and young people in particular? Even if the restrictions are lifted, what are the long-term problems? MAZ author Annette Weiß, motivated by her experiences as a mother of two, professional and parental representative, approached this topic from different perspectives. This time: school stress … Read more

The first Ukrainian refugee at Ida-Ehre-School supports projects

More and more pennants as a sign of hope for peace in Ukraine and with wishes for the whole world have been waved in recent days on the forecourt of the Ida-Ehre-School (IES) in Bad Oldesloe. As the class reps ground the painted and written flags of their classmates, Maimouna, Tracy, Enna and their 9th … Read more

Parents complain about the provision of food in kindergartens, schools and after-school care

Fresh and balanced, tasty and child-friendly: this is how all parents imagine the food that their children will bring to the table when they go to nursery, after-school and school. The fact that in some cases this is wishful thinking is evidenced by the complaints of several parents in Löwenberger Land whose children attend school, … Read more

Start of relief efforts in Ukraine at the Ida-Ehre-School

As soon as citizens from all over the world were called to support Ukrainian refugees, the individual classes of the Oldesloer Ida-Ehre-School (IES) started projects. Button from 7b 7b was one of the first classes to put their ideas into practice. “Along with the 11th year art profile, we designed ten different motifs to match … Read more

Preparations for the are in full swing

An artist from Uzbekistan got in touch. I would like to show the photos at this year’s NordArt which are currently still on display in an exhibition in Moscow. Blocked, given the current circumstances. “We need to see if he gets them out in time,” says NordArt co-curator Inga Aru, jokingly adding, “Otherwise he’ll have … Read more