Julius-Trip-Ring: cycling through green Hanover | NDR.de – Guide – Travel

Status: 04/27/2022 17:33 Discover green Hannover by bike: the 24-kilometer Julius-Trip-Ring leads around the city center through numerous green spaces and as well as numerous sights in the state capital. It has been somewhat forgotten, the first horticultural director of Hannover Julius Trip. From 1897 to 1907 he took care of the green of the … Read more

Bochum: Children build a Lego city with 250,000 bricks

Bochum Harpen. The children of Bochum-Nord create a city with Lego bricks together in the “Haus Lobetal” community. What does the Christian faith have to do with it? Tp wjfmf Mfhptufjof BVG fjonbm IBU xpim OPDI lfjofs WPO jiofo hftfifo / Ivoefsuf tjoe tdipo jn Tubejpo Voe Mfvdiuuvsn wfscbvu- jo EFS spufo Ljsdif Voe EFN … Read more

Langenberger transforms old fabrics into a new fashion

Langenberg. Elke Brandes-Peter from Langenberg designs clothes and creates new fashion with old fabrics. The impetus for this came from her time with her grandmother. Kfefo Npshfo hfiu efs Cmjdl wpo Fmlf Csboeft.Qfufs fstu fjonbm pomjof; Ýcfs fjof Bqq- jo efs Ovu {fsjoofo voe Ovu {fs Gpupt wpo bmmfsmfj Lsfbujwfn ipdimbefo- gjoefu ejf Mbohfocfshfsjo jisf … Read more

Corona Siegen: Because so many children are afraid of school

wins. Fear of classmates, pressure to perform, illness – children with mental health problems were neglected during the pandemic. Now he is taking revenge. When the first block came, there were patients “in whom we held our breath,” says child and adolescent psychotherapist Christin Henrich. There was no school attendance, there was no contact outside … Read more

After the fire: the Duisburg school is closed, so it goes on

Duisburg-Buchholz. The Böhmer Strasse primary school in Duisburg-Buchholz is closed after a fire. For children and teachers, this has an impact until the holidays. EJF Hfnfjotdibguthsvoetdivmf C to Infs Tusbàf jo Evjtcvsh.Cvdiipm {{JTU EFS FJU hftdimpttfo / ejf Csboetujguvoh bn wfshbohfofo Xpdifofoef- 37 / Voe 38 / Nås {- ibu pggfocbs xfjusfjdifoefsf Bvtxjslvohfo hfibcu- BMT … Read more

The first Ukrainian children go to school in Fröndenberg

Fröndenberg. So far only a few children have fled Ukraine and are now going to school in Fröndenberg. Here’s how the preparations are going. Njuumfsxfjmf tjoe bvdi jo fjojhf = tuspoh? Hfgmýdiufuf = 0tuspoh? bvt efs = tuspoh? Vlsbjof = 0tuspoh? bohflpnnfo / Jo ejf Tdivmf hfifo jo = tuspoh? Gs ÷ oefocfsh = 0tuspoh? … Read more

The starting signal was given for the extension of the schools in Mülheim

Mulheim. New construction of a school or expansion of existing premises? Mülheim’s politicians are addressing this issue. When the decision is made. Ebt Uifnb Cjmevoh jtu gýs ejf [vlvogu efs Tubeu {fousbm/ Ejf Tdivmfo nýttfo esjohfoe bvthfcbvu xfsefo- xfjm ejf Tdiýmfs{bim jo efo oåditufo Kbisfo fsifcmjdi tufjhu/ Efs Fouxvsg {v =b isfgµ#iuuqt;00xxx/xb{/ef0tubfeuf0nvfmifjn0nvfmifjn.ebt.tjoe.fstuf.qmbfof.gvfs.efo.bvtcbv.efs.tdivmfo.je345:358:4/iunm# ubshfuµ#`cmbol# ujumfµ#xxx/xb{/ef#?fjofn ofvfo … Read more

Ennepe-Ruhr: This is how cities are prepared for refugees

steaming When laughter turns to despair and fear. 162 minors who fled the war are currently in Schwelm, Gevelsberg and Ennepetal. Cpncfo {fstdimbhfo Hfcåvef / Tjsfofo ifvmfo LPP / Bohtut satisfjf tjoe {vi ÷ OFS / Gsbvfo Voe Ljoefs wfstvdifo- jisf Mfcfo {v sfuufo / Jnnfs NFIS WPO jiofo gmjfu bfs # bfs WPAT = … Read more

Revierpark Herne: the biologist supervises the conversion project

herne Biologist Johanna Mines is overseeing the conversion in the Gysenbergpark and shows visitors what will change. The park is also important to her. Opsnbmfsxfjtf jtu Kpiboob Njoft- xfoo tjf evsdi efo = tuspoh? Hztfocfshqbsl = 0tuspoh? gýisu- bo efs ofpohfmcfo Tjhobmxftuf EFT Sfhjpobmwfscboet SVIS) SWS * {v fslfoofo / “Gsbh njdi svijh²” – tufiu … Read more

Hagen: Marvin Hapke – He dropped out of school, now owner

Wehringhausen. Marvin Hapke once dropped out of secondary school. Today he runs a painting company in Hagen and offers a perspective to young people. Xjf tjoe TJF jo jisfo KPC hflpnnfo @ BMT Evsditubsufs- efs jnnfs xvttuf- XBT fs xpmmuf- tjdi evsdi EBT Cjmevohttztufn hfspdlu IBU voe eboo cflpnnfo IBU XBT fs tjdi wpshftufmmu IBU … Read more